Oral L. Beason, Chief Legal Officer

Oral Beason has vast legal experience in the life settlement industry. He joined the business of Litai Assets in 2004. Oral provides oversight, guidance, and direction on legal matters arising within the company. This includes company governance, policy formation, employment matters, communication, intellectual property, insurance, and commercial transactions undertaken by the company. Prior to working in the life settlement industry,

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Susan DiNardo, Chief Financial Officer

Susan DiNardo is a results driven financial executive with more than 20 years of experience. She joined Litai Assets in 2008. Her responsibilities include finance and treasury, financial planning and budgeting, accounting, human resources and internal audit. She has gathered a wealth of finance related experience in manufacturing, non-profit organizations, and servicing companies as an employee and a consultant. She

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Christian Hallman, Operations Manager

Christian Hallman has been professionally involved in the Life Settlement Industry since 1997. As the Operations Manager Christian is responsible for the oversight and leadership of the servicing staff to ensure the assets are properly managed and the clients professionally serviced. Prior to joining Litai Assets Christian has provided management and leadership to both provider and brokerage firms within the

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