Litai Assets has a proactive approach to asset due diligence that allows us to gain a strong understanding of the value of a life insurance policy. We can help guide investors toward acquiring policies that are likely to meet their expected returns within their investments objectives.

Our pre-acquisition due diligence focuses on document review and analysis. The integrity and congruity of policy documentation and the medical records, in addition to the consistency of life expectancy reports, help us make a determination as to the desirability of specific policies. This process involves our in-house legal experts, our policy servicing team as well as our pricing and trading team. It is focused on preventing the acquisition of policies that may prove to be problematic for our clients. Our process is also focused on ensuring that policies to be acquired have value and are priced within market expectations.

We are able to guide our clients towards assembling portfolios of policies to create bespoke investment programs. We also perform reviews of entire portfolios of policies for lenders of potential acquirers.