who we are

Litai Assets is an independent third-party asset manager focused on Life Settlements Portfolio Management. Clients are hedge funds, private equity groups, receiverships, bankruptcies, life settlement providers, lending institutions, and other investors in US life insurance policies.

Litai Assets designs customized service programs for its clients aimed at maximizing investment returns for their portfolios of life insurance policies.

what we do

Litai Assets has a proactive approach to asset due diligence that allows us to gain a strong understanding of the value of a life insurance policy. We can help guide investors toward acquiring policies that are likely to meet their expected returns within their investments objectives.

We have been successfully managing life insurance policies for investors since 1997. Our policy management activities include premium administration and optimization, as well as ongoing policy support and insured tracking, insured health analysis and death claim processing.

Opportunistically selling assets at the optimal time and price is an essential investment strategy for any investor.

Litai Assets offers disposition services to assist clients in selling portfolios of life insurance policies or individual policies.

We have designed and developed a state-of-the-art system that provides the highest level of data protection and security and includes a fully featured custom reporting and delivery system.

Our staff of highly skilled accounting personnel prepares specialized reports, performs reconciliations and coordinates audit and tax efforts in line with our clients financial reporting needs. We also provide in-house policy and portfolio valuations.