Premium Administration

Litai Assets will coordinate with our clients’ to execute premium payments at the investor selected frequency. Once paid, we confirm with the life insurers that every payment is received and applied to the correct policy.

  Premium Optimization

Our team has gathered over many years a deep understanding of life insurance products. Our extensive analysis of each policy results in our clients having a much improved understanding of the drivers of cash-flows and returns. Decisions can then be made that will minimize cash outflows and increase projected rates of return.

  Ongoing Policy Support

We maintain frequent contact with the life insurers to confirm policy status, gather needed information, and identify potential issues. We also monitor all incoming policy correspondence and take appropriate follow-up action.

  Insured Tracking

Litai Assets verifies the status of insureds on a frequency defined by clients and in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. We are in regular direct contact with the insured, their physician, employer or designee. This leads to industry leading death-to-discovery of death time.

  Insured Health Analysis

When needed, Litai Assets will work towards obtaining HIPAA releases from insureds and contact doctors and medical providers to obtain updated medical information. By keeping medical information current, we are able to help re-assess the value of policies after obtaining updated life expectancy reports.

  Death Claim Processing

Litai Assets handles death claims quickly and efficiently. We immediately notify clients in the event of a death and work swiftly to retrieve the death certificate, file the proper claim forms and follow up with the life insurer until payout is received.