Key Services

Litai Assets Key Services

Litai Assets is providing services to investors in the secondary market of U.S. life insurance policies. Through competent and careful servicing of life insurance policies, we ensure that our clients maximize the returns on their investments in life settlements.

Litai Assets has a thirteen year long history of servicing life insurance policies. We are currently managing over 5,000 life insurance policies and are the largest servicer in the industry.

Life insurance policies serviced by Litai Assets are owned by clients comprised of investment funds, trusts, individual investors, private or investment banks and receiverships.

Litai Assets offers a full range of services to assist its clients in achieving their objectives through superior customer service, advanced technology, and devotion to innovation.

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key services

  • Pre-Investment Transaction Advice
  • Policy Management
  • Management of the Sale of Policies
  • Reports & Custodial Services
  • Financial Accounting